Brand Perception

Encourage a positive brand perception with:

  • professional branding
  • unified key messages and themes
  • consistent collateral for website, brochures,  social media and more
  • media coverage, awards and events

Content Strategy

Build your own reusable content library with:

  • thought leadership articles
  • case studies
  • podcasts and interviews
  • white papers
  • videos and more

Social Media

Increase your potential market audience with:

  • social media accounts set up for success
  • followers boosted on your sites
  • a social media strategy that builds brand
  • consistent posting of material your audience wants and needs

Launch Success

  • Launch a product, service, new office, even a new staff member in a memorable way
  • build up to the launch with clever comms
  • hold an event to create buzz
  • invite high profile speakers and guests
  • gain positive media coverage  
  • replicate coverage across owned media

Growth & Sales

  • Clever comms can have a big impact on growth and sales. (If no one has heard of your product, who will buy it?) 
  • grow your reputation
  • be at the forefront of people’s minds in your space
  • find new markets to communicate to

Crisis Management

  • Being prepared for a crisis can save your company’s reputation and financial losses.
  • create a crisis comms strategy
  • react within minutes
  • keep your customers’ trust
  • tell your stakeholders before the media does

Our Specialties

We have a strong background working in communications for enterprise engineering and tech services companies, private sector defence companies, products and services based companies, start-ups and cyber security businesses. 

Communications strategies and principles apply across all sectors however. All our plans are individualised for your specific goals, industry and target markets.

Enterprise Companies

Large companies often require a specific outcome quickly or a bespoke communication solution. We can provide a quick outcome or a longer strategy to reach your goals. 


Consumer Products

Selling products requires clever communication and marketing working together. We are skilled in both areas and combine the two to ensure your market is ready for you.

Emerging Technology

New technologies are exciting to launch and communicate. We provide strategies then deliver to make a memorable impact and find the buyers you are seeking.

Defence Services

The defence industry is unique. It often requires subtle and careful communication. With our background we understand the nuances and will deliver specifically designed  communication.

“Your thoughtfulness, skill and professionalism has been instrumental in us telling our story.”

Matthew Wilson, CEO of Penten

"It's not easy being the first to tell an organisation's story or establish a brand and build a solid reputation and you have done exactly that."

Olivia Grandjean-Thomsen, Head of Communication, Media and Events at Stone and Chalk/Austcyber

"Thanks for helping us in our growing up, you have made an enormous contribution to our journey."

Ben Whitham, Director and Co-Founder of Penten

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